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Hobo’s the world

Hey, you awesome traveller!

Thanks for stopping by! This blog is about the rural, rustic and is(adventures) experiences I embark on the go. It is also about random ramblings I have realised when I am traveling.

Amongst other things, I travelled solo for five days and lived without technology to experience black-hole resorts.

This the back story of how I started travelling

My first solo destination was Pondicherry and it was (is) adventurous and eventful. You can read the story here

My favourite travel destination is Goa

Who is a hobo?

A hobo is a homeless vagabond—especially one who is impoverished. I have quit my job for the love of travel and every since then I am a hobo scavenging for work on the go.

Most times, the word hobo is has a negative connotation attached to it. However, to know more about a hobo watch this Ted talk by a pro hobo writer Kitra Cahana: Life on the road

Why nostalgic?

I have been traveling for four years and never wrote about my travel tales.

I had quit my job for the love of travel, however, ironically, I was not allowed to travel!

Funnily enough, it took an accident for me to start to travel blogging. I was nostalgic about my past travels and that is how my blog Nostalgic Hobo evolved!

I would love to connect with you and hear your thoughts, travel journey or travel related query to do with traveling in India. I will be happy to help.

You can reach me at thehoboisnostalgic@gmail.com

Or my Facebook Page: Nostalgic Hobo

Happy travelling!











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