Happy Travelling Girl

When the hobo says travelling within India is safe, she means it. It would be only best to share it with people who believe in it with equal amount of passion and enthusiasm.
The result of this? It leads to an awesome collaboration with Happy Travelling Girl. 
This hobo is also a part of the team. 🙂 Below is a little bit about HTG.
About HTG: HTG stands for a  cause is that “India is safe for women to travel“.Considering that there are many women in India who wish to explore so many things in life but by stopped by many societal and family pressures, we wish to create an active community of fearless women solo travellers sharing their experiences and inspiring others not only to travel, but to take a stand for themselves.
We can do this by sharing our personal travel experience, esp. how has travel impacted us as a person. You can share your experience with us either via an article, via an interview or via sharing a video with us.
Through this community, we aim to enroll government of India (esp. NaMo) so that they stand for this cause, and support them to create a social media platform where all the verified solo women travellers worldwide can be registered and they can support each other to travel in India or probably event travel together.
We also aim in creating economical home stays / women hostels at key locations across India (to start with we will target 4 states and one UT – Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, MP and Goa).
Do join the community and also spread the word among fellow women travellers.
 So what are you waiting for dear fellow traveller?Join in the cause and promote safe travelling in India.
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