Meeting Paris in a small town of India

When iVolunteered

I lived technology free for five days. By living technology free I mean I traveled solo without using a phone, camera and internet! I do not want to tell which place I go to when I need to be with myself. However, I am always here to share my experiences and more so how I felt. In these five days, about 9 hours- spread over two days, I spent volunteering. Getting up at 4.30 in the morning, I was present at the western canteen where I assisted in making sandwiches for 1000 delegates who were a part of an international conference. (Western canteen- the place I remotely talk about serves food which foreigners are used to eating.  It is not spicy, bland unlike the food we are used to eating in India. Volunteers from all across the world come here to help in cutting fruits vegetables, making meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are cookies, salads, desserts, exotic vegetables, pizzas and pastas among many other dishes that are available here at a subsidised rate- with just bearing the minimum cost of food. For example a cookie in Starbucks that would cost me 150 bucks or more, is served here for Rs 12.) Continue reading Meeting Paris in a small town of India