How bird-watching and spotting some Flamingos helped me break some stereotypes.

I am not a morning person. I love to see a sunrise, but would seldom get up in the morning for the same!

The few times I have seen the rising sun is when I have been up all night.  Never by choice, I have woken up in the morning. I know I a missing out on something. I am dumb. I know that too.

Having visited Varanasi, I have not seen the sunrise at the ghats. George Clooney talked about how beautiful the sunrise looks from the Ganges in the movie Galaxy. I have been to the holy city about four times now. I feel Varanasi is a much hyped city. I did not like the dramatic and the poetic Ganga aarti.  No offense meant. But this post isn’t about that.

This post is about me breaking my stereotypes and trying something different.

I love nature, but I am more of a beach person. Water does that to me, what mountains do to people.

I am also not so much into birds and animals. I love human beings. How much ever twisted we  are, I love the way we feel, express and survive. Darwin got it right.

On one such day-trip I went bird-watching. I think it was only because a friend was organising it. I got up early – at 5am on a Sunday morning, to check out some birds! Like really? That is so not me! Also, I feel bird-watching is for the pseudo intellectuals. But, this day trip, proved me  wrong and I was glad I went to catch some birds- yes Flamingos amongst the other cute little birds I saw.

 I did not know I could see Flamingos, 10 kms away from where I stay! Sometimes, we travel far and wide but don’t realise the gems hidden in our own backyard. Call me ignorant,  I will say I believe in bliss.

Only in a city like Mumbai can give you get something like this. You have the swanky skyscrapers and now try juxtaposing the birds, a pond and a park in the same vicinity. Sewri too has its own set of Flamingos, but Seawoods is a new place to spot flocks of them.

I won’t blabber more and will leave you with some photographs of the birds I saw.

Bird Name : Black winged stilt. By far my favourtie bird. Look at the sexy legs!
Dark ones are juviniles and white-pink adults
Bird name :Flamingos  : Dark ones are juveniles and white-pink ones are adults
Lots of them
A little closer
Purple sunbirf
Bird name: Purple sunbird. Zoom in to look at the lovely colours.
Bird name: Wire tailed swallow
Travel CAMpanion
These are the bunch of people I went bird- watching with. Spot me 😛

In the group we had a 50-year-old lady, a 12-year-old kid, bird lovers and then there was me, who had no idea what I would be getting out of the trip.

My friend Supraket, a photographer by profession and his friends run Travel CAMpanion. They organise lots of trips and teach photography on these trips. You can read more about them here.  You can catch Supraket’s work here. Feel free to get in touch with him for collaborations.

P:S All photographs for this post are taken by him. 

Other details.

Where: You can spot flamingos in Mumbai at Sewri ,Vashi , Uran and Seawoods. This park is right next the NRI complex in Seawoods in Navi Mumbai where I spotted birds.

Best time to visit: September on-wards is a good time to see the migratory birds who come from the Rann of Kutch , Gujrat. We had spotted them in January. Mornings are ideal to catch lots of birds.

Entry fees: There is no entry fee here. You can take your camera but make sure the camera is not a disturbance for the birds and let them just be.

P:S: There is a mallu restaurant called Sanjoos in Seawoods. They  serve  awesome food and beef too! We went to hog  food post the bird -watching. Well, I am not sure how the beef ban has affected them. But. umm.

Well, I still love the complexities of us- mere mortals, but I got a step closer to loving birds as well.  And yes, with this trip I learnt something new. That is what travel is about. Learning and un-learning.

Dear fellow traveler, when was the time you had such an experience and broke your stereotypes? Would love to hear from you.


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